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1P-LSD Blotters (125mcg)


1P-LSD Blotters (125mcg)


How to Take 1P-LSD

1P-LSD is taken the same way as LSD. It’s spread out over a square of blotter paper and then held under the tongue for 10 or 15 minutes before swallowing it whole.

The active ingredients are absorbed through the capillaries under the tongue, directly into the bloodstream.

Most people hold LSD under the tongue for faster onset of effects because it allows it to enter the bloodstream directly — rather than having to travel through the digestive tract first.

1P-LSD (125mcg) Blotter For Sale

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Buy 1P-LSD Acid Blotters – Unveiling the Potential of 1P-LSD Sheet for Sale

In the realm of psychedelic substances, 1P-LSD (1-Propionyl-Lysergic Acid Diethylamide) has gained popularity as a potent and mind-expanding compound. Buy 1P-LSD Blotters. For those seeking to explore altered states of consciousness, the availability of buy 1P-LSD acid blotters presents an intriguing opportunity. In this aiticle, we will delve into the world of 1P-LSD and the potential it holds, particularly in the form of a 1P-LSD sheet for sale.

Understanding 1P-LSD Acid Blotters

1P-LSD acid blotters are a common form of consuming this powerful psychedelic compound. These blotters are small pieces of paper or cardboard infused with a precise dosage of 1P-LSD, typically around 125 micrograms (mcg). They are designed to be placed on the tongue or absorbed sublingually, allowing for a controlled and convenient psychedelic experience.

The Benefits of 1P-LSD Acid Blotters

A. Accessibility and Convenience The availability of 1P-LSD acid blotters makes it easier for individuals to access and explore the effects of this compound. The compact size and discreet nature of blotters allow for convenient storage and transportation, making them a popular choice among psychedelic enthusiasts.

B. Precise Dosage 1P-LSD acid blotters offer a precise and consistent dosage, ensuring a reliable and controlled experience. Each blotter is carefully dosed with 125mcg of 1P-LSD, providing users with a moderate psychedelic journey. This allows for a more predictable and manageable experience, especially for those new to psychedelics.

Best Place To Buy 1P-LSD Blotters/1P-LSD Acid Sheet Online

For those seeking a larger quantity of 1P-LSD, a 1P-LSD sheet for sale provides an attractive option. A sheet typically contains multiple blotters, allowing for multiple experiences or sharing with trusted individuals. This versatility provides the opportunity for continued exploration and experimentation.

When considering purchasing a 1P-LSD sheet for sale, it is crucial to ensure the quality and source of the product. We are reputable vendor who prioritize purity and safety. It is important to choose a trusted supplier like DMT CARTS EMPIRE to ensure a reliable and authentic 1P-LSD experience.

Responsible Use and Precautions Of 1P-LSD Acid Tabs

Set and Setting As with any psychedelic substance, creating a safe and supportive environment is essential. Prior to consuming 1P-LSD acid blotters, it is important to carefully consider the set (mindset) and setting (physical environment). Buy 1P-LSD Blotters. Choose a comfortable and familiar space, preferably with trusted individuals who can provide support if needed.

Responsible use of 1P-LSD involves understanding the potential risks and taking necessary precautions. Buy 1P-LSD Blotters. Educate yourself about the substance, its effects, and potential interactions. Start with a low dosage, especially for those new to psychedelics, and gradually increase if desired. It is crucial to prioritize harm reduction practices and seek professional guidance if needed.

Conclusion: 1P-LSD acid blotters, including the option of a 1P-LSD sheet for sale, offer an intriguing opportunity for individuals interested in exploring altered states of consciousness. With their accessibility, precise dosage, and potential for continued exploration, these blotters provide a gateway to the psychedelic frontier. Buy 1P-LSD Blotters. However, it is crucial to approach the use of 1P-LSD with caution, responsibility, and respect for its power. Always prioritize safety, set and setting, and consider seeking guidance from professionals experienced in psychedelic therapy.


1P LSD for sale online is definitely a surprise to many, especially the old school psychonauts but it’s here and definitely a bonus to the psychonaut community all over the world.

At DMT CARTS EMPIRE we pride ourselves as the leading vendors of quality 1p lsd blotter tabs.

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LSD’s prodrug, 1P-LSD, has effects that are essentially the same as LSD. In certain countries, 1P-LSD differs from LSD sufficiently to be regarded as “legal.”

Like LSD, 1P-LSD Tab has psychedelic properties and is a part of the lysergamide class of drugs. The results of 1P-LSD are believed to include cognitive euphoria, distorted perception of colors, time, sounds and shapes, hallucinations, and other results similar to those of standard LSD.

1P-LSD for sale in USA is very popular amongst chemical researchers and it is one of the drugs that is most commonly researched.  


1P-LSD stands for 1-propionyl-lysergic acid diethylamide. It’s a derivative of LSD — which essentially means it’s a modified version of the classic LSD-25 that Albert Hofmann discovered in 1943.

This molecule is differentiated from LSD by a propionyl group attached to the nitrogen molecule in the indole portion of LSD. The central indole molecule of LSD is the characterizing element of the molecule that’s shared with all other tryptamine-based psychedelics (such as DMT or psilocybin).


  • Level of risk: Low
  • Other names: Legal acid
  • Most common side effect: Anxiety & paranoia
  • Duration of effects: 7-11 hours

What’s The Dose of Buy 1P-LSD Blotter?

The dose of 1P-LSD is equivalent to LSD. There have never been any studies on the effective dose of 1P-LSD.

However, with recent findings that Buy 1P-LSD Blotter is converted to LSD at a rate of nearly 100%, the psychoactive dose would be identical to that of LSD:

  • Microdose — 10–20 micrograms
  • Threshold Dose — 25–40 micrograms
  • Standard Psychoactive Dose — 80–200 micrograms
  • Heroic Dose — 200–400 micrograms

What Does Legal acid Feel Like?

The effects of 1P-LSD bought online are virtually identical to that of LSD. The only difference is that it can take a little bit longer for the effects to kick in. This is because the 1P-LSD needs to first be metabolized by the liver and turned into LSD.

The experience can vary widely depending on your internal mental state. If you’re depressed or anxious going into the experience, Buy 1P-LSD Blotter is going to inflate this even further. Likewise, if you feel excited, positive, and curious, Buy 1P-LSD Blotter is going to expand this state of consciousness even further.

This is exactly why the concept of set (mindset) and setting (the environment and people you’re with during the trip) is so important. Going into the experience with a negative attitude, which can include fear, anxiety, or depression, will ultimately lead to a more challenging experience and may even pose psychological harm.

The positive effects of 1P-LSD and other LSD analogs:

  • A strong sense of awe & wonder
  • Altered perception of time
  • Cathartic experiences
  • Deep-reaching insightful experiences
  • Ego-dissolution
  • Euphoria
  • Hallucinations
  • Laughter
  • Mystical experiences
  • Remembrance of significant life events
  • Synesthesia

The negative effects of 1P-LSD and other LSD analogs:

  • Anxiety
  • Believing people are “out to get you”
  • Confusion and frustration when performing routine tasks
  • Feelings of being overwhelmed
  • Paranoia
  • Reliving past traumatic experiences
  • Triggering of psychosis or other mental illness

Where to Buy 1P-LSD Blotters Online?  

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