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Ecuadorian Magic Mushrooms (Oz)


Ecuadorian Magic Mushrooms (Oz)


  • Above average in potency
  • Popular for its spiritual and euphoric effects with moderate to high intensity

The Ecuadorian Cubensis is an exotic strain that originates from the highlands of Ecuador.

The experience peaks early with an overall chill experience. Ecuadorian Cubensis is often known for its ability to provoke intense spiritual and euphoric experiences while providing less of a “body high”.
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Buy Ecuador magic mushrooms Online

Ecuadorian Mushrooms are a wide variety of psilocybe cubensis and psychedelic mushrooms. When purchasing this strain from our website, you can be assured of a potent product; Buy Ecuadorian Magic Mushrooms. we only sell the best and if you’re not happy with your purchase of Ecuador Cubensis shrooms, let us know! Also, keep your eye out for sales on all of our magic mushrooms and new products. We will ship psychedelic mushrooms across Canada with fast delivery.

Ecuadorian Mushrooms: History and visual description

Buy Ecuadorian Magic Mushrooms strain was first discovered at an elevation of over 1,300 meters, initially found in the Highlands region of Ecuador. The Andes region is the most traveled area of Ecuador. The natural diversity is quite varied. The Andean region runs through Ecuador and divides the region between north and south. Ecuador’s cubensis is just strong as other mushrooms are. It’s not surprising as it comes from a region with a reputation for being very rugged in its environment. This helps with the cultivation of Ecuador’s magical mushrooms. Buy Ecuadorian Magic Mushrooms. Ecuador’s magic mushrooms have a very distinctive personality. He has a long, densely thick stalk with large caramel caps.

Pre-Columbian Mesoamerican cultures used the Ecuadorian magic mushroom strain for healing rituals. At the moment, local shamans still use it for religious ceremonies.

Although Ecuador cubensis can be differentiated by its relative similarity with other species and the psilocybe-containing species, there must still be definite differences between this and similar toxic species. Among these plants is Galerina autumnalis. Ecuadorian cubensis has medium to large comparative power in plyometric terms. The potency of a specific mushroom depends on the conditions of the mushroom (raw compared to dried), mode of consumption, individual physiologic properties, the method, and the growth environment.

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