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Poppy Seeds (5lbs)


Poppy Seeds (5lbs)

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Poppy Seeds (5lbs) For Sale Online USA

Poppy Seeds (5lbs) for sale online. Our seeds carry the highest value for money in the whole market, Comparable to any good UK unwashed poppy seeds in terms of quality. Get the best consistent unwashed poppy seeds here, and forget the rest.


Our blue/black unwashed poppy seeds are great for eating but have many uses in cosmetic applications. Our all-natural ingredients will bring you closer to nature, hitting you with a natural organic feel. Our non-GMO, whole, unwashed poppy seeds greatly benefit all you DIY folk at home. Our poppy seeds’ have high oil content and may be used in soap, leading to a great exfoliating experience. It will Scrub away oil, dead skin, and dirt from your skin, leaving your skin feeling extra smooth. Adding a splash of whichever fragrance you desire will also have you smelling fresh every time you use it. 



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